Is it really time for a breakup? In the modern world, where the bond of interpersonal relations are gradually decreasing and people are becoming more self dependent, it is really significant to ask, ‘Why marriages end in divorce more frequently?’ or ‘Is it really time for a break-up?’. Is it happening because couples are not giving enough time to diffuse the deadlock occurred between them or really a breakup or divorce is the only solution? But there is one thing for sure- Life is a series of human relationships and nearly everyone has experienced a breakup or divorce and of course, it is one of the most painful periods in one’s life as we try to heal our broken heart. Everyone is accepting one truth in common- Healthy relationships are the greatest gift in one’s life and the breakups are the worst of all troubles. When we are finding someone, we are finding ourselves. If so, why such an event is occurring frequently? Why can’t we avoid it? Its answer lies in its fidelity and most of the breakups occur when the question is asked against the trust of the relationship. Sometimes the love that binds a couple is not strong enough to withstand the tests of time - it wavers and wanes. The easiest exit is getting a breakup or divorce. At other times, it may have gone sour - no sparkle, no life; everything becomes a routine. Studies show that couples break up not because they stopped loving each other but due to decreased level of satisfaction and commitments in the relationship. What are the common reasons for a breakup? They may be •    Unrealistic expectations •    Poor communication and conflict-resolution skills •    Failure to resolve key problems •    Losing the lust of relationship as time passes by •    Another affair •    Ego clashes When the couples are looking for any one or more of the above reasons to fight against each other, they actually forget what they have earned from that relationship both emotionally and physically that may include love, care, trust, support, confidence of feeling worthy, happiness; and above all, a good friend with whom they can share everything, may be lost forever. Also, will even high peaks of success be counted as happy moments when the dearest one is not along with us to share? So, why can’t we think twice or thrice before putting a relation into its end knot? If we were able to find each other and have been together for a long time mutually accepting the faults and loving each other, then chances are more that the relation can be kept till end for sure provided mistakes are clearly understood and corrected from both sides.

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