No, my parents didn't pamper me,

it was I, who pampered myself

with ignorance;

I became a weakling at last,

devoid of knowledge and understanding


No, my parents did all I could do,

but I injected myself

with the vaccine of shortcomings,

a strong, hazardous drug

I mistook for free freedom


but this freedom was evil,

it made my brain and hands


so I could do nothing

I was capable of doing


Then laughter comes from all sides

and stabs me ravenously,

tis nothing but my ignorance

that haunts me

like a ghost of my existence.

                                                          By Kakraba Afful

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Written by
De-graft Afful Jr.
I am an eighteen year old writer, who wants to be recognized worldwide for my writing. I currently live in Utah, Orem. I LOVE writing.
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