All of you, come witness,

as my days turn to neon,

due to neon,

I walk like adoration,

because I have found

cardiac lucozade,

an invincible union,

that is unbreakable,

it is the steel of amore


She makes me brass,

because her lips are cream

my whole being sings like an opera,

since she cuddled me,

my heart has found independence;


She makes the mountains clap,

she walks on a diamond carpet,

she's the only Crimson that shines

and by her,

I am the mirror that walks,

she is the birth of eminence,

and the womb of royalty

and the exact

signature of happiness


she redeems from me from loneliness

and changes my heartbeat to

cardiac beatboxing,

she needs no minim or crochet,

but transforms it into

the orchestra of bliss

that plays,


it is well with my heart,

because her head

rests upon my chest,

and my confidence gains muscles,

by the gym of her touch


Her kiss has pimped me

with joy,

now my pulse bounces

in the fame of our love

her name is the permanent fragrance

that hugs me daily,

if there is a clock,

the time is love.

                                         By Kakraba Afful

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