After death

The periodic process of the life is birth, growth & death. Every life undergoes this process. Outlook there is no more basic process. One will not transfer any message to next generation except its genetic constitution. But it is clear that one memory or stored information cannot be transferred to the next generation.

But in reality we are not a machine for just, eat and breathe. We got some aim, a target that we have to accomplish. That is unknown to us but it will be performed, knowingly or unknowingly. We know we are only spices who can express emotions. According to the evolutionary concept we developed from simple organisms. Then from where we got emotions? Where we got sense of ethics'? The concept of rebirth started then our old ethics tells something about it. We will birth again and again to do our duty. We got a lot of evidence for this. In 1920 `s. There was one man in America whose name was Arigo. He was only shucked up to 4th standard & suddenly he started doing medical surgeries. Those surgeries when unsolved by medical science, he told about this was, "I don't know what I was doing. I just obey the instructions from someone else". He gave the details of the person to police. The police identified that hidden person.

He was a doctor who worked in British army at the time of World War I` and died. There the story telling the doctor who give some message after his death to complete his study to this world, through Arigo.

There was an incident in Italy. There was a girl named Maria. She was travelling through a bridge, suddenly became unconscious. When she became conscious she started speaking in male voice. And told she was Pep who lived in Switzerland and was murdered by his friend. There was no evidence to this murder. So case rejected. After some year, this Pep's mother got a regret letter that he was murdered. They killed him. Stories, turned just like Maria said. Interesting fact is that Pep was murdered on a bridge, which is very much similar to bridge under which Maria become unconscious.

If we go through the History this can be felt a little Bit. Euclid was a great person in geometry nut then was some this which was unknown to him. Pythagoras proved it after some years. And he is the father of geometry. Pythagoras born after some other day after the death of Euclid. Suit a fact that Euclid reborn as Pythagoras to complete his commitment to the world?

Abraham Lincoln to John F Kennedy carries this kind of similarity. And we got so many more evidence to accelerate this stand. Ordinary men think the above mentioned facts are exception. If we look closes then exceptions happens every when ant time.

Then makes us Rally think about reborn. Let us come to the animal world. This reborn happened her also. Homotherium sirum was the animal who lived before 10000 years ago. It was similar to our finger belief stronger than it. It in invaded the world and lived us king of force, but it was completed extended during ice age. But our fingers from when they developed. Ice age is that age which the whole earth covered by ice. One can live but after the 8 ice age now still there is life. How it is possible. My theory of rebirth caries importance there giant mammoth intricotrherium an examples to this.

The theory of rebirth till now not accepted by scientific world. But it is a subject which is to be thought. Be it there is not a rebirth the life may not have this continuity.

The theory is supply states that we got some message from our ancestor. We have to deliver it to next generation. We have to do it so that the life process may run.

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