Is this correct to go for a new found love and to leave a stable relationship? There are many such cases where a person may want to leave an old and stable relationship to find a new love or a new passion. But is it good? It’s a new love or a short term infatuation. The answer is probably the second one. All such new relationships based on attraction and passion is over once we are with the person for a while or when our sexual craving for the person ends. All such relationships have no future. So you must consider this and should not be overwhelmed to find a new love or a new passion in your life. You may think that this is what really you wanted but in reality its nature’s trick to entangle you in producing more babies.
Although the culture of different country is different and thinking about sex is vastly different in each country. For example in France you can have your stable relationship as well as you can enjoy the new relationship at the same time. There are no sexual restrictions and your previous relationship is not hurt because you are indulging in a sexual relationship with another person. Therefore you are safe. But in most of the countries especially in the eastern world, such relationships can result in marital discord and you may hurt your older relationship. You can probably lose your older relationship for the newer one. Such relationships are seen in a derogatory way in theses cultures. Therefore it is advisable that if you are not sure about you r new relationship you should not enter into the newer one.

Also, it is more or less infatuation what we call a better person in your life. We look the new person in a rosy haze while we judge our old partner in a more realistic way. You need to decide about what is more important in your life. Whether you have judged the new person in a realistic way? Is it really worth to break our old stable relationship for a new passion? All these needs to be checked. In most cases, it is not advisable to break your old relationship for a new one.

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