* After school. Joseph and Akbar are sitting compound wall of a school and chatting,

Joseph: - I think `we should go home now. It is quite late; my father will get worried. Mother may also require my help’.

Akbar: - why are you worried? She will manage things and your father comes late. I need your company. I do not feel like going home.

Joseph: - why do not you feel going home? Are you unhappy?

Akbar: - how can I be happy to go home? My father comes home drunk. He always makes a scene. He shouts at my mother. He beats to my brothers. I can not bear him.

Joseph: - your mother and your brothers must very unhappy. You should do your duty as eldest son and elder brother and try not to escape from your responsibilities.

Akbar: - what can I do? My father will beat me also with long stick.

Joseph: - you can take the help of your neighbors when your father comes home drunk. Your chawl committee can help you.

Akbar: - how is it that you are so attached to your family?

Joseph: - ours is a happy home. My parents are busy throughout the day.

There is lots of work in the house.

My brother and sister are small. We have divided the work in the house.

a)     Father manages the house, when mother is not at home. Father teaches me English and asthmatics.

b)     Mother plans everything for us and keeps things ready to avoid any problems. She teaches to my little brother.

c)     I buy things from the market, and look after my brother and sister.

Akbar: - do not you have any quarrels in the house?

Joseph: - why should we quarrel? There is lots of affection and co-operation. We are a happy family.

Akbar: - how can we ever become a happy family? Father drinks, my mother, my brother and sister are unhappy. We have no money to buy things!

Joseph: - we can always find solution to our problems. Do not lose courage. I have a friend who is a social worker. He can definitely help you. We will go to him.

Joseph takes Akbar to the social worker, Mr. Rao.

Mr. Rao: - Akbar, I am happy that Joseph has brought here. I will come and meet your parents. Do not lose hope can help family by taking your father to alcoholics Anonymous, the organization that helps people to give up alcoholic drinks. Do not be angry with father. Help him and have patience. We can make yours also a happy family. Your mother can get work from a women’s organization and increase the family income.


  • Joseph goes home satisfied that he has done a good deed towards his friend. Akbar and Mr. go home too. Mr. Rao talks to Akbar’s parents. He does all what he can do to help the family. Akbar’s father gives up drinking. His mother gets some contract job and starts earning. All the members of the family begin to care for one another and everyone performs their duties. Akbar’s family becomes `a happy home’.


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