India is a democratic country. Its population is 121 billion this year. It ranks 2nd in population growth rate all over the world. Such increase in population has created crisis for food, land, money and other items which are necessary for growth and welfare of people. People work hard to earn their living. By the end of the month, he needs to pay off his debts. After paying off his debt, hardly anything remains in his hand to spend for his family. He starts hankering after wealth. This is the situation which has pushed many people to indulge in corruptions.

It has been carefully examine by the experts and research fellows that the crisis for resources exist in India. However, this situation has been made even worst by the Government officers and politicians. Millions and billions of money is still lying in their illegal bank accounts. Such illegal money does not get recovered either by any means or action. Government has made new law according to which, the illegal bank account holders can pay off tax for the black money which they are holding in foreign countries. Till date, nobody has been heard to have paid tax for such holding. Whole system is involved in this process. India has been looted many a times by the invaders in the past. They were all foreigners. But this time, the looters or the dacoits are the countrymen, Indians themselves.

Middlemen hoard food products in the store-houses to sell them at higher prices in the next year. Black marketers bury the mid-day meal of children under the soil and later sale them in the black markets. In this process, many food stock gets rotten up with the passage of time. Thus creating an artificial food crisis in India.

Today people don't get pure oxygen to breath, pure water to drink and pure food to eat. Poison is every where. Poison has effected mind and body of all living beings on the earth. After 2008, the abnormal change in price level has engulfed almost whole of India. Sudden unexpected continuous rise in prices of each and every items have made Indians even more poorer. About 75% of population of India is below poverty line. Rich businessmen are becoming richer days after days. Poor peoples are dead. Middle class families have come down below poverty line.

The new sex ratio of India has shown decline in female sex ratio. Female infanticide has taken place in most of the states at an increasing rate. Government has decided to take steps against such illegal abortions. Adhere to this, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh ranked number one in crimes like sexual harassment, kidnapping, rape and murder of teenage girls, etc. Many politicians and government officers were involved in this cases.

When we talk about decline in social and economic growth and welfare till 2011, political issues come forth automatically. All are connected with each other. Whole system is responsible behind such negative decline in growth rate. Adhere to the above mentioned problems, unemployment problem has increased abruptly. Many people are suffering due to no job, no money, no food, no proper place for living, high education fees and poor medical facilities. India is only country in the whole world which has given birth to many culture, many languages and many Dharmic gurus and sages. Due to so many culture and languages, Indians have lack of unity. They are busy in dividing states rather than changing situation and mind of people. Confusion and dispute is more. India still possess many people who are deprived of their rights and misbehaved due to their caste and religion. Many innocent Muslims were tortured by the policemen, falsely alleging them as terrorists. Many dalits were killed and farmers's land were confiscated.

65 years have passed after independence. India is still poor due to corruption. Corruption has got so much space and liberty due to bogus political system.  Many Indians have left India forgetting their motherland. India need strong leaders who can change these negative trends to at-least positive one.

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