The working trend has changed, Its no more the Man of the house. Its about the Home team. The Wife and Husband joint venture. Or the Mother and Father association, that runs the home enterprises. Today a functional house is a sucessful enterprise. it is no less than business where you have to bargain, reduce overheads and increase productivity of each member to gain optimum results.

All this is true for every middle class and upper middle class family. Kids can go to convient but for that its necessary mom should go to work. Everything is true, but our beliefs and our traditions are still the same. A boy coming from work is tired and a girl coming from work is expected to be a active partner in the kitchen. A wife going to office and leaving her towel on the bed is considered to be disorganised and a husband doing the same is, "he was in hurry to reach office on time". It is true to a great extend that girls dont participate in a lot of politics that happens in offices, and they work on work basis. Guys do create and invest time beyond normal functionalities to climb ladders faster. Girls are compitative however Guys win the competition due to traditional dominating heritage.

A lot is to change, However some has changed, Mother dont force girls to work at home after they come from office, However due to this, same girls fails to complete thier responsibily at home after they gets married. The same girl fails to manage the household and her frastration and her presumed ego fails her, from forming a succesful marriage. In india we dont talk of divorse as they do in other countries. However in India we dont expect the husbands to contribute anything towards the responsibilties at home after they come back from work. Our tradtions have taken a step back as to allowing female to work and equal the men. however once this same female returnes home she is the same indian women who has to compromise. The Lady VP of the company cries offen because mother in law calls complaining about the salt in the food she made before leaving. The Lady secetry at times leaves meetings to pick up kids from school. A refusal from any such responsibility by a women in India is not acceptable yet. It is not taken in a healthy spriti. Career orineted girls are considered to be a non marriage material person.

We have changed but as per our convience we havent changed everywhere we shoudl have. We adopted the western culture but we have done it the Indian way.

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