the company XYZ, where I work, is a huge group. there are so many branches in india. the main office of our company is in the capital.

This is a print media company. Few years ago an old company opened a branch in our city. this was the pleasure for the city or the person who were related to print media. peoples are so happy that this is the opportunity to get better job with better salary. two well known rival company were standing before us.

When new company was opened in our city i was working in other company. but was very happy because of opportunity, for the workers, was increasing.

Nature of our old company's director was like a SAHUKAR or JAMINDAR of 18th century, who sucking the blood of the employees or servent.

Distribution of salaries was not proper there. some people of company were grow rich but, for some employees, it was difficult to get surviving things like good education for children, own house and many other basic needs.

for those the new company was a good opportunity.

In starting days the company XYZ has good result. company's employees worked very hard. company has good position in market. after one year when the time was of yearly salary increament, management says that your work is not satisfactory, while a month before of salary increament period the management was very happy from employee's performance.

Company decided to expend working area. at the same time i joind the company XYZ. now the product of our company was ready for nearby cities.

same time company change the management. slowly-slowly our product has lost his position in market.

in between many managers came and went. they fill their pocket (like Afgan Decoits who rob INDIA and returned AFGANISTAN) and go ahead. the company is going downwards regularly

I think that the company in our city neads a good Manager (like MUGALs BABAR, HUMAUN and AKBAR, who built INDIA strong and better.) Who accept this company like his own and worked for company's betterment. who thought that betterment of compamy is his own betterment.  


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