Martin Luther king was greatestman of the world.


The life of Martin Luther king tells us that civilization can be enriched by love, sacrifice, tenderness and tolerance. Violence destroys civilization.

Martin Luther king service points

A) Martin Luther king was one of the greatest men of the world.

B) He was a pioneer and a breaker of new ground.

C) He stands in line with Mahatma Gandhi and other crusader like nelson Mandela.

D) He championed the rights of American Negros.

E) He did not believe in violence.

F) Non –violence was an article of faith him.

G) Like Gandhi, martin Luther king was also shot dead.

H) As a clergyman, martin Luther king believed in the equality of man.

I) He felt distressed by the racial discrimination against the blacks of America.

J) The blacks were mainly responsible for building up America but they were the victims of exploitation at the hands of the whites.

K) The Negroes lived in economic insecurity although America was prosperous.

L) They were victims of discrimination in various areas of America life. They did not have normal educational and social opportunities. They were not served food at the same counter as he Americans. A Negros was nobody in his own land.

M) Martin Luther king was deeply influenced by Gandhi even as a young boy.

N) He took his cue from Gandhi to set right the wrongs by love ant by hatred.

O) Martin Luther king wanted the Negroes to enjoy the same facilities and civic rights as the Americans.

P) Martin Luther king shot into national prominence when he spearheaded a boycott of the public buses in Montgomery to protest against separate seats on them. The U.S. Supreme Court declared racial segregation in public transport as unlawful.

Q) The Montgomery demonstration was a shot in the arms of the Negroes.

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