I was walking in a prostitutional nightmare,

it had sexed with fear, insecurity and hopelessness,

my rose withered,

while my heart trailed in offensive night,

dusk became my morning,

where sunlight was spilled by

an oblivious source,

a bright waste on the blue napkin of the sky


My soul turned to bones,

where loneliness and self-destruction

was eminent,

the clouds fell to the ground,

choke by the floating ash of my discouraged words,

so my life was dark as mystery,

I was walking death,

happiness, scarce,

such was the burglary of heartbreak...

till I met you


when you kissed me,

it was daybreak,

then the sun gained Samsonite strength

and dethroned the forlorn darkness,

a dove was smiling in the sky,

I could finally smile,

since you visited me

with your morning glory.

                          By Kakraba Afful

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