My heart is the sniper,

I refuse to be captured

by the battalion of sadness,

the energy of love

has trained my eyes,

made them sharper,

and hands, faster,

upgraded my being,


My princess,

my heart is the sniper,

as I wear the camouflage

of protection,

I target and shoot down

fiendish shadows that

antagonise our love


I guarantee you,

as your eyes go on a

reconnaissance to my soul,

you shall find my heart,

the marksman you created with your kiss,

that targets any foes

who tries to seperate our hands

and shoot with protection as my



Witness, the strength of your love,

as I overcome

the muscles of sadness,

all because of you,


Your heartbeat gives me accuracy,

your lips give me luck,

as all enemy are vanquished

by the bullets of my hearts,

that's why I say;


My dear, my heart is the sniper

now you can sleep,

because it keeps watch,

till you're safe as perfection.

                                                        By Kakraba Afful


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