Now villages are mostly devolving in India.

India is land of villages. Agriculture is the primary occupation of the people.

In olden days, before of the independence; the house was made of mud and was open to the rig ours of rains. When there were rains the ceilings started leaking. Many of life villages did not have a doctor or a clinic to look after the help of the villagers.

Most of the villages now have health centers with provision for basic medicine for various diseases. Also these centers have family planning arrangements where all necessary medicines are available for the welfare of the families. Large number of villages now has electricity which had made village life bright and interesting. The radio and television have connected the village with the national polices. Through the radio and TV are able to reaches every village and educate him in better methods of cultivation and his rights and duties a citizen of the state. The political advantages since independence to the villages are in the form of the panchayat system in which ha has a say in the election of the members of the panchayat. The villager feels his importance as a voter. The panchayat are responsible for preparing the plans of development in the village. With the help of the panchayat system many villages have given loans to the agriculturists for cultivation, for building strong houses, for living and establishing adult education centers. Many villages have also built primary schools to give education to the children, by all these ways the village life has greatly improved.

*Most are small villages are in India. Trees and fields Fresh air are there. Good climate is there. In the villages mostly are farmers are hard workers. There they depend only on field workers. They want schools for good education in the children.



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