Thanks to her, I'm a V8,

she's a diamond CTS

flawless like a fresh pair of shiny rims

my record label is S.T.

and she comes with the electrfying transmission

of pure class


Again, she's equipped with

care like shock absorbers,

my tears are extinct because

she makes my heart pump

like mega pistons,

to move at a fiery velocity


Destiny has changed the gear to swagger,

she's a walking Escalade,

but she rides on the road of magma,

but she does not refuel,

because she's already a shocking bevy of watts


Wanna know the tires she uses?

they are called "Adorable"

most of all, she says I am the

only key that can make her start


Thanks to her, I the shiniest wind screen,

you won't find her in the royal supermarket,

My! when she starts,

my heart shrieks like a thousand starters,

comfort is my leather seat,

and I need no seat belt,

because when she smiles,

I'm totally accident free


At night, her lights are neon,

more than the 4th of July,

this is the best upgrade

life has ever given me

she doesn't come with any rear-view mirrors,

because when she looks at me,

I shine brighter than brightness itself



Guess what the license plate is;



                                          By Kakraba Afful


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