A boat trip in moon-light



Among the harms of nature, the innocent beauty of a river is the sweetest. It is a home of peace for the broken hearts. it is an invigorating tonic for the worried minds. We get fresh air, water and healthy atmosphere on the bank of river. There we fell ourselves on the lap to nature.


The scene of the “Ghat” –

With extreme delight we reached the holy Ganga’s soothing banks. Like the “Bina” of “Saraswati” our sweet Ganga lay on the loving lap of nature. The waves of the rive rolled one after another like the unrest of a girl’s heart that lost her love. For some moments we were lost in watching them. Just then a boat man was called. Instantly we took our seats.


The scene of water-

Our boat steered through the ripping currents with her splashing oars. The nature began to offer the brimming cups of the sublime beauty. The rays of the moon presented their pleasing dance on the glittering stage of water. The crystal clear water mirrored the moon which seemed to swim along our moving boat.


The scenes of the bank and the sky-

The scenes of the banks and sky were equally enthralling. There was soothing peace all round. The companions of the day were fast asleep. The tress stood like the sages lost in mediation. The moon beams pierced their dark leaves just as the arrows of lust injured a devotes heart. The moon beams pierced their dark leaves just as the arrows of lust injured a devotee’s heart. The beauty of the starry sky also overpowered us. We were lost in watching the hide and seek game of the moon and the stars behind the patches of the clouds.


Our joy reaches climax-

Among us there were a few singers too. Our fried Raju started singing a folk song. The sweet sound floated rhythmically and disappeared in distance with a echo which gave strange thrills the first song followed by another. The more he sang the more we desired. Finally al of us sang a Kawwali. The tempo reached the climax. Now we thought of returning home. Our return journey was equally pleasant. During it we ate sweets and fruits and passed the time in sweet jokes.


Never before I enjoyed an outing so much as this time. Our happiness was perfect. I still feel highly delighted when my memory opens these snaps now and then.


A thing of beauty is a joy for ever

Its loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness.


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