Consecrate themselves

In practical terms, the first thing parents should do is to sanctify themselves for the sake of the children. In the family you can not have two bosses. Sometimes, because parents are adults, can do many things are free to do those things. But they have another pattern for your children and they do not understand. You may have rights in certain areas because you are an adult, but children will not understand. If you do not love is sanctified by them, will never be able to teach them or discipline them. Look at our Lord Jesus. In John 17 it says that our Lord Jesus sanctified himself for our sake. There were many things that our Lord Jesus could do, there was nothing wrong. But for our sake he broke away to not shock us in some way.

Before I had children, had probably things you could do freely, but after having children, you should think about them. If you say some thing, if you go somewhere, how it will affect your children? You tell your children not to say this, that do not, do not go to that place, but you do. That's a double standard. You lose respect for their children. They are not going to respect more. They'll think you're a hypocrite.

Therefore, in practical terms, the first thing parents should do is to sanctify themselves for the sake of their children. This is part of the cross that you have to take. For the love of your children you leave voluntarily correct certain things that are within their rights to maintain a single pattern in the family. I think this is very important.

Live before God

Second, to raise children, both father and mother should live before God. There is no way to help the children if the parents themselves do not live in the presence of God. If parents fear God, the children will fear. If parents love God, the children will love it. You must provide the right atmosphere. You have to be examples for them. Parents have to live before God to bring the children to him.

Be of one mind

Third, parents must be of one mind to teach and discipline their children. The children are very smart, smarter than we think. How they manage to launch the father against the mother, and mother against the father! The children know the parent will say no to certain things, then they go to the mother. In other things, they know that the mother will say 'no', then go to the father. Frequently launch the father against the mother and cause some kind of conflict. That is a natural cunning. Therefore, teaching and disciplining children, parents must be of one mind. Do not offer any opportunity, any gap. If the children they are to the mother, she should say, "What did your father?". And the same should happen to the father. Parents should be of one mind. Otherwise not be able to raise their children as they should.

Teaching and discipline in all areas of life

Fourth, children should be taught and disciplined in all areas of their lives. Parents should not just give them money, meeting the material needs, food, clothing, and so forth. That is the smaller part of parenthood. Certainly that is important but it is the smaller part. Parents should raise their children about good manners, lifestyle, habits, work, character, relationships, everything. All this needs to be taught.

Good manners

For example, children must be taught about good manners. That means not only good table manners, but also when they meet someone else. What they must do to meet other people? How nice must it be? I find many children today growing up without education. They no longer have good manners, because this is not taught them.


Children should be taught about values. What things are really valuable? They must be given some kind of pattern of values. If children learn values when they are still small, they are protected from many mistakes. What are the valuable things? What are the values in life? These are things that must be taught to children while they are still small.

Moral standards

The moral standards should be taught to children. There must be certain standards that need to be maintained, and children must be taught when they are still small.

Children should be taught in the use of money. Help them learn how to use money, how to give.


The children need to be taught how to work and be diligent. I thank my parents. When we were young, each of us, seven, had to work at home. Our mother gave us tasks such as sweeping the house, and other things. She gave us the responsibility to do some things. Children must be taught how to work. Many children today do not know how to work. They served all the time. They need to be taught to be diligent. The children need to have a character formed. All these things need to be taught, and equally disciplined so that when the children grow, they grow to maturity. That is the responsibility of parents.

Keep your promises

Fifthly, when dealing with children, your word should be accurate, their promises must be kept. Often parents promise something to the children and then forgotten. That hurts a lot to children. Whatever is said must be precise and be fulfilled. If what is said were not done, words are worthless. That is the way to raise children.

Bring your children to the Lord

Parents have a responsibility to bring their children to the Lord. That is the most important. Many parents fail in that responsibility. They do not take their children to the Lord, and let their children go to the world. Then someone else, or church, you have to go after them. But in reality, it is the responsibility of parents to raise their children and take them to the Lord. If that happens they will be in the church and will be useful. Need not go into the world to rescue them and bring them back.

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