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Published 30 November -0001
Created 14 August 2013
Last modified 14 August 2013
A funny poll to know what is your reaction when you are struck in an elevator with King Khan of Bollywood, Mr Sharukh Khan Himself!

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17.74% votes
19.35% votes
4.84% votes
11.29% votes
11.29% votes
35.48% votes
[{"id":"22323","title":"Mimic his dialogues 'kkkiiiiraan' before him","votes":"11","type":"x","order":"1","pct":17.74,"resources":[]},{"id":"22324","title":"Ratter along why Chennai Express is excellent movie","votes":"12","type":"x","order":"2","pct":19.35,"resources":[]},{"id":"22325","title":"Ask him how come he hugged salman khan but did not invite him for his Eid bash????","votes":"3","type":"x","order":"3","pct":4.84,"resources":[]},{"id":"22326","title":"Ask him about his son AbRam","votes":"7","type":"x","order":"4","pct":11.29,"resources":[]},{"id":"22327","title":"Give him a shoulder massage....","votes":"7","type":"x","order":"5","pct":11.29,"resources":[]},{"id":"22328","title":"Any other....","votes":"22","type":"x","order":"6","pct":35.48,"resources":[]}] ["#ff5b00","#4ac0f2","#b80028","#eef66c","#60bb22","#b96a9a","#62c2cc"] ["rgba(255,91,0,0.7)","rgba(74,192,242,0.7)","rgba(184,0,40,0.7)","rgba(238,246,108,0.7)","rgba(96,187,34,0.7)","rgba(185,106,154,0.7)","rgba(98,194,204,0.7)"] 350

Comments (3)

  1. Kalyani Nandurkar

Ha ha ha! Repeat his dialogues of kiran and stretch out the k's even more than he did so that he too is as bored as we were!

  1. Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

I would ignore him. I would consider him just any other person in the lift.

  1. Taniya Choudhury

First of all I would be too awestruck to react..........

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