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A good reader, speaker & conversationalist. Love to play any outside game. Fitness Enthusiast.

Like to write cricket Articles and motivational Quotations using more adjectives.


The lead upto World Cup 2019 Over the last 4 years, since India's exit from the semi final in 2015 world cup, India has made slow, steady but firm strides to increase their chances of having a shot at World Cup 2019. It is evident by the...

The entry to the Semi's:- After Australia thumped India's arch rivals Pakistan, partly attributable to the costly drops, off the spirited Wahab Riaz and India, on other hand which overcame slight early jitters, the game now moves onto the mouth...

C.A Tips

Ca - A course well known in the country  Why is it that a scarce 3% of the candidates go through the Ca-final stage of the course. Why not 20 or 30%. Is it really very tough nut to crack or is there something lacking to go ahead. Let's find...

Indian Sports

CRICKET Women's Cricket is always on the "off"side. While Cricket is considered to be a men's game, probably it has sidelined eyeing the women's game forever, no matter what performance is given by them. For instance, the present Indian men's team...

Book reading - A broader & pragmatic outlook

Introduction What are books?...And which books am I referring to?...Its not those academic ones which we are accustomed and burdened with, but those which relax our mind, and refines our heart with a sense of elevation and happiness. "Yes, I am...

"Virat"- A new found obssession for the Team

The retirement-Sparks a modern Rise!!! With the retirement of 24/40, 5'4" Legend-"Sachin Tendulkar", an era has ended, much to put the Indian and worldwide cricketing fanatics to a reduced interest towards the sport. But it seems like his...

"Thoughts"- A force to reckon

Thoughts are one of the sophisticated and mesmerizing threads on which the stand/position of a person primarily depends upon. Owing to its functions of far-reaching ability, creative and dynamic instincts, it is acclaimed to be one of the most...