q. WAP to implement the use of scope resolution operator

int number=100;
int main()
coute block\n";
int number=555;
return 0;

output of the program:
in main
inside block
number=555 ::number=555
back in main
number=234 ::number=234

Description about program:

in the above programe firstly we declared globally number to100. Then in the main fuction we firstly define that we are in main then define an integer type number =243 . then inside an another block we again define an integer type number=555. Then if we simply write cout number in side that block it show an output number=555. outside the block if we write cout

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  1. Manoj Kumar Lamba

In the above program, concepts are not clear, also programming is not done in proper way. The above written program will not work in any way.

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