// The main() function.
int main()
     // Three uninitialized variables, different types.
     char myChar;
     short int myInt;
     long myLong;

     // An initialized variable of yet another type.
     float myFloat = 7e4;

     // Assign and convert.
     myChar = myInt = myLong = myFloat;

     // Display the variables.
     std::cout << myChar;
     std::cout << ' ';
     std::cout << myInt;
     std::cout << ' ';
     std::cout << myLong;
     std::cout << ' ';
     std::cout << myFloat;

     return 0;

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Written by
Santosh Kumar Singh
I am software Engineer in .net and Axapta Technology. I wrote blogs on http://daynamicsaxaptatutorials.blogspot.com
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