• Know about Plants with Medicinal Value

    Now a days it has become a common practise to visit a doctor even for common ailments like cough and cold. But in olden days our ancestors made use of the medicinal plants to get...
  • Know about Wildlife Sanctuaries

    Ecological System is the one we have learnt during our school days. We all know that wild life is also a very important part of the ecosystem. But now a days there seems to be a...
  • Know about the literary works during the Chola Period

    We all know that the art and architecture helps us to know more about the tradition and culture of a country. Some of the famous chola kings are Kulotunga II, Rajaraja II, and...
  • Know about Viruses

    'Viral Fever' is the term we have most commonly used during our school days and college days to bunk the classes. The most common symptoms of viral fever are increase in body...
  • Quiz about USA

    USA is one of the most powerful country in the world. It is a is a federal constitutional republic. This country economy is the world's largest national economy. Most of us some...
  • World Currency

    World Currency Trivia!
  • UNIX Commands

    Learn about basic UNIX commands
  • Quiz on Singer S.P.Balu

    S.P.Balu is also know as S.P.Balasubrahman who is well know in bollywood and south Indian film industry. The quiz is all about him and his acheivements.
  • Quiz about Virender Sehwag`

    This quiz is regarding Virender Sehwag,the dashing opener of Indian cricket team. It takes less than two minutes to answer these questions.Friends let's see how far you know...
  • Indian railways

    This Quiz is regarding Indian railways.Indian railways is under the governement of India.It has seperate annual budge.That denotes the importance of it. It takes less than three...
  • quiz on Indian WC captain

    this quiz is about the captains of India during the world cup from 1975 to 2011.
  • Not So Familiar Computing Terms

    You know all about CPU's and motherboards and inkjet nozzles and modems (you do, don't you?). This quiz has to do with more obscure terminolgy applied to computing hardware and...
  • The Science of Computer Technology

    Nowadays just about everything deals with computer usage. This quiz is based of the fundamentals of general computing. Thinking about going into engineering? Well, this quiz is...
  • Computer Potpourri II

    More general computer trivia. I've expanded beyond hardware and software. I have thrown in some companies and a comic strip as well.
  • The Real Computer History Quiz

    There are lots of PC experts out there today. Not too many of them have knowledge that extends back to the early days of the PC. How good are you at early PC history?
  • Quiz about Tamilnadu

    Tamilnadu is one of the state in india. This state includes many historical records, arts, literature, sports, politics and many more. This state is located near the borders of...
  • A Mainframe Computing Miscellany

    A variety questions ranging from not too difficult to quite obscure from the 50's, 60's and 70's centering around business computers and their peripherals.
  • Quiet As a Mouse

    How much do you know about this common piece of computer hardware?
  • IBM S360 Mainframe Computer History

    What was the code written to govern the execution of steps within a computer job on the IBM S/360 called?
  • Printer Operations and Components

    Printers are very simple devices. They exist for the sole purpose of taking data from your computer and placing it on a printed page.This quiz will deal with common types of...