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    This is a quiz with a variety of questions on motherboards. Good luck!
  • 95
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    Quiz about Linus Torvalds

    Linus Torvalds is one of the most important guy for the development of linux operating systems and many other open source softwares. This quiz will keep you update about him.
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    Quiz about human body

    Friends this quiz is about the trivia about human body and the parts in it. It takes less than four minutes to answer these questions.Freinds let's see how far you know about...
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    Quiz On Kajol

  • 105
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    Quiz is about NTR

    This quiz is about Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, fondly called NTR by the people of Andhra Pradesh.He's a legendry film actor of Telugu cinema and he was formely the CM of Andhra...
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    Quiz about M S Dhoni

    This quiz is about Mahendra singh Dhoni, the captain of Indian cricket team.He's been the most successful captain for India. It takes less than three minutes to answer these...
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    The Stupid Computer User Super Quiz

    Very general, extremely trivial computer questions for all the family....
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    Dark Physics

    Some physicists seem obsessed with
  • 109
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    "Sci/Tech" Quiz

    Want to get your Sci/Tech quiz online? Play this quiz and find out how to get your quiz into acceptable shape!
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    Quiz about Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs is a famous american business magnate and an inventor. He is the co-founder of apple inc. Most of the apple products are became success with his ideas. This quiz will...
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    Quiz about Anil Ambani

    Anil Ambani is one of the famous and leading business man in the world. He belongs to Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group of companies. This quiz will keep you update about his birth,...
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    Introduction To Frames

    This quiz is related to Frames,,,, Frames that are use in Web Publication.. So learn
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    A Brief History of Apple Computers

    Apple's Macintosh computer has long held a place in the hearts of enthusiasts as well as respect from PC users everywhere. Can you ace this quiz regarding its evolution and...
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    Quiz about William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare is one of the greatest english poet and a playwright. This quiz will keep you update about the birth, death, personal life, early life, family, his works and...
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    know about the Vardhana Dynasty

    One of the efficient rulers of the Vardhana dynasty was "Harsha Vardhana" the son of PrabhakaraVardhana.The chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang had described about the administrative...
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    Know about the Kushanas

    The most important ruler of the Kushana dynasty was "Kanishka".The kushanas actually belonged to Central Asia.Kanishka played an important role in promoting art and religion.He...
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    Know about the Rashtrakutas

    Krishna I,Amoghavarsha I and Krishna III were some of the efficient Rashtrakuta rulers.The Rashtrakutas excelled in the field of art and architecture.The Kailasa temple at Ellora...
  • 216
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    Know about Chatrapathi Shivaji

    Whenever we think of the Marathas we could very well remember "Chatrapathi Shivaji" and Shahji Bhonsle the father of Shivaji.Shivaji was a efficient administrator and a brave...
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    Know about the Tuluva Dynasty

    Whenever we think of the Vijayanagar empire we remember Krishna Deva Raya who was the most powerful and efficient ruler of Vijayanagar empire.There were four important dynasties...
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    Quiz about B.R.Ambedkar

    B. R. Ambedkar is one of the greatest leader in india. This quiz will keep you update about his ealy life, birth, death, personal life, family, studies, etc.,

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