General Knowledge questions for competitative exams

We very often in our day to day life attempt interviews and there we need to answer certain questions based upon our general knowledge. General Knowledge is something which very important to have nowadays and it often comes very handy whether we are in school or college or in offices. Based on that I have prepared certain question which you need to answer. These questions are very handy as these questions are also often asked in competitive examinations. The questions basically includes full forms, author of books, meaning of words and celebration of festivals etc. These will be multiple choice type of questions and you need to choose the right option from the options given. There is no time limit for the quiz and you can take as much time as you require and there is also the option of attempting the quizzes as many number of times as you may want to.So the idea here is to test out your knowledge regarding the same. I am very much sure that these questions might test your knowledge and help you to know how much you know. Wish you all the best for the quiz test go on and give it a try.Thanks!
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