A Quiz to refresh your knowledge on pallava dynasty

The period of pal lava rule extended from sixth century A.D to ninth century A.D.The Pallavas created a revolution in the fields of art and architecture.Rock cut temples,monolithic rathas,Structural mandapas and Structural Temples are an excellent example of Pallava architecture.The rock cut temples are found in various places of Tamil Nadu.Some of the places are Vallam and Pallavaram.Azhalvars and Nayanmars who lived during the pallava period contributed much to the welfare of the tamil literature.The bakthi movement had a great impact in the life of the people.The main goal of the bakthi movement is to spread the principles of saiva and vaishnava.There were twelve Alwars and sixty three Nayanmars.No body can forget the wonderful architecture of the Kailasanatha temple at Kanchipuram and the shore temple at Mamallapuram.It is on of the major tourist attraction in TamilNadu.Chittannavasal is an excellent example to show the expertise of pallava painting.The pallavas were so much interested in playing musical instruments like Murasu and Yaazhi.It is very much evident from the history that the pallavas had contributed much to the welfare of art,architecture,music,dance and paintings.The pallavas had a very efficient administration system too.So,here is a quiz with which you can refresh your history knowledge on pallava rule.
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