William Shakespeare

Country United Kingdom
Born Sunday, 26 April 1564
Quotes 675
William Shakespeare (baptised 26 April 1564; died 23 April 1616) was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist.
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Who ever loved that loved not at first sight? Uncategorized
Men are April when they woo, December when they wed: maids are may when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives. Uncategorized
Can one desire too much of a good thing? Uncategorized
In the spring time, the only pretty ring time, when birds do sing... sweet lovers love the spring. Uncategorized
How bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes! Uncategorized
Though thou speak'st truth, methink thou speak'st not well. Uncategorized
A very little thief of occasion will rob you of a great deal of patience. Uncategorized
If they love they know not why, they hate upon no better ground, they hate upon no better a ground. Uncategorized
Ingratitude is monstrous, and for the multitude to be ingrateful, were to make a monster of the multitude. Uncategorized
The beast with many heads butts me away. Uncategorized
The moon of Rome, chaste as the icicle that's curded by the frost from purest snow. Uncategorized
O sleep, thou ape of death, lie dull upon her and be her sense but as a monument, thus in a chapel lying. Uncategorized
"Victory is not a property of brilliants but it is a crown for those who pursue hard work with confidence and devotion" Uncategorized
Great lines by a friend the longest distance on earth is not from north to south it is when i stand in front of you and you turn back and talk to others. Uncategorized
Against self-slaughter there is a prohibition so divine that cravens my weak hand. Uncategorized
Men's vows are women's traitors! Uncategorized
Golden lads and girls all must, as chimney-sweepers come to dust. Uncategorized
Love's reason's without reason. Uncategorized
He that sleeps feels not the tooth-ache. Uncategorized
Cursed be he that moves my bones. Uncategorized