-Advanced magical touch by DaCP offers an intuitive and inventive way to navigate the phone -Navigation touch panel shows input options in the form of simple icons that adapt according to your needs -Magical touch icons illuminate in different colors, changing automatically according to the LCD’s theme -Each of the 4 icon positions can adopt a separate color -Tactile haptic feedback provides 5 different vibetone options -Enjoy speeds as fast as 3.6Mbps -Download large files quickly or stream video for instant playback -Hold video conversations easily with other 3G/HSDPA mobile users -Stylish and elegant design (inspiration from Samsung’s Soul mobile) -Genuine brushed metal battery cover gives off a premium look -Easy to grip and comfortable to hold due to ergonomic and portable size -Long stroke slider adds important menu keys right above the keypad, making communication tasks simpler -Glossy keypad looks and feel great; easy to slide fingers over keys when calling or text messaging -Ergonomic dome keys spill over the contoured edge of the mobile, making them easier to press -3 Megapixel Camera takes high quality photographs -Auto Focus helps you focus your pictures, extremely helpful when taking action shots -Power LED Flash provides a flash of light in dark surroundings -4X Digital Zoom lets you zoom in on your subject for more detailed photos -Also records high quality QCIF video footage microSD stores all your photographs and video -Face Detection automatically enhances your photos of people by adjusting settings to enhance your pictures -Smile Detection Auto Shot automatically takes a picture when it detects that the person you are photographing is smiling -User Created Skin (UCS) lets you choose from various themes and colors to create your own skin for the mobile -Choose from 3 pre-set themes to customize your GUI’s look text

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