A very good touch screen phone with large screens and dedicated controls for volume,camera etc. We can adjust the sensitivity of the touch sensor according to our need.Easy lock for the phone helps it to protect it from unwanted touchings made on the screen and also helps to save power. Dedicated keys for volume and camera is placed in effective manner so that we can access them easily. Has an internal memory of 70 MB, which is good and supports expansion upto 16 GB. As it has a good processor speed, it will not hang like some versions of N series. Memory card is easily accessible. Has a good camera with best screen clarity and picture clarity.3.2 MP Carl-seiss camera gives the pictures the perfection. But it has one limitation that. Its flash is not so capable, so pictures taken at poor lighting conditions may be blurred. Though the file transfer through bluetooth has some user limitations, it has also nice speed.compatible to transfer files with higher end phones. We cannot perform any other functions rather than receiving calls, while sending files through bluetooth. So,its not so user friendly. But this cannot be considered as a big limitation. The screen of the phone has auto rotation capability. It rotates the screen when we rotate the phone. The phone comes with accessories like mini-stand, touch stick etc. It comes with packed in touch games, which are very interesting.Touch games are superb to play in this phone. Direct audio out facility is available.Good speakers provides clear sound. Volume level is also high. Nokia 5230 is one among the latest of touch phone series of nokia.Nokia 5230 is a good phone with most of the latest applications using touch technology.Its price is also really affordable. Upgradation of the phone is very easy.

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