It is a handsome device. Its very sleek and elegant look gives the impression of a handy phone. Its brushed metal-black lacquer finish, rounded edges and crisp screen gives it a very nice look. Overall, its a good phone in its design and look. N81 is basically a slide phone with a wide screen. It comes up with an internal memory of 12 MB. It supports memory expansion upto 8GB. But it supports only microSD cards. Nokia N81 is a slider phone with ample storage capacity to let you play back music for a long, long time. But disadvantage of the phone in its look wise is the bulkness of the phone. N81 is a very user friendly phone. We can easily manage the themes and softwares inside the phone. N81 is a bit slow on its boot up. The keypad, which slides out smoothly, has recessed keys and still is good enough for blind dialing. That is, dialing without looking at the phone. Though it has only 2 MP camera, its picture clarity is good. N81 is the primary set among n 80 series.N81 is very good when considered as a music phone. Its easy to go through the music just like an Ipod. Its camera is also of very good clarity. Being a music phone, all the music-playback functionality is built into the top half, so you don’t have slide out the keypad to control the phone. The screen is having a good resolution and clarity. Though its looks bulky, its not so heavy. Its a symbian device which has all the functionalities of a symbian phone. But it comes up with a secondary camera in the front which is very useful for video calling.It is a quad band GSM phone that comes with a 2-megapixel camera, which can also be controlled without sliding out the keypad.It has version 2.0 bluetooth. One of the advantage of file transferring through bluetooth is that we can do other operations in the phone, though we are transferring some files through bluetooth.

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