Nokia N70 is one of the basic phone of the N series. It has a basic Candy bar classic design. In addition to the 22 MB internal memory, it comes up with a microSD 64 MB card. It also supports expansion upto a maximum of 2 GB. Its screen size almost half of the total size of the phone. But the resolution of the phone is not so good. Comparing to other phone's , its not so light weight. It comes under symbian phones of series 60. and supports all most all the softwares that an series 60 mobile supports. N70 is basically an application oriented phone. We can easily add different softwares and applications and thus we can make N 70 more productive. Due to this ease of adding more applications, external threats like viruses are also easily affected by the phone. N 70 comes with a good 2MP digital camera with LED flash light support which enhances the image quality. The images taken in the phone are good to see on big screens. It also has a secondary VGA camera which supports video call functionality. This phone belongs to a basic category of 3G phones with a speed of 384 kbps. This secondary camera is good to use in a vuideo call through the 3G network.One of the very good feature of its bluettoth file sharing functionality is that its very flexible. While you send or receive files through blue tooth, you can still go thrrough menu and carry out different operations without affecting the bluetooth. It also has multiple connectivity feature. You can send files to a phone while you receive files from another phone.Though it doesn't have GPS navigation support, N70 has EDGE support.N70 is a very good multimedia phone with a wide range of imaging tools.It supports many basic image editing options too.

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