Nokia’s N82 is the smartphone which is worth waiting for. With its 5- mega pixel camera fitted with Carl Zeiss Optics promising top grade cameraphone pictures. The major attraction of Nokia N82 is its high end camera with the less heard xenon flash compatibility. N82 is one of the handset which is available in the market with the superior quality Xenon flash. Xenon flash gives you a different imaging experience. Pictures looks so live with N82. Its integrated A-GPS offering satellite navigation in your pocket. The new generation 3G need is satisfied with its high-speed 3G HSDPA. A 2GB card comes in the box too with this smart phone.It has a RealPlayer media player for video playback for suiting your multimedia needs.N82 is an all in one package with superior quality camera, multi media options, internet connectivity etc.The N82 is effectively the successor to Nokia’s previous candybar favourite, the N73. We can also easily add other softwares for personalizing with our needs.It’s slightly bigger overall, although it weighs fractionally less and feels surprisingly light in the hand for its size.The material used in the N82’s casing is well-balanced in handling.Its classic appearance and simplicity in design gives it a cool look.The number buttons are thin, small and too close together. The central navigation D-pad takes centre-stage in operating the N82 smoothly. Network and connectivity of N82 is one of the best available.Nokia’s standard S60 main menu access button makes an appearance, as does a Multimedia menu key, which takes you easily accessible to recently used imaging content and music, internet links, contacts, games and mapping details. N82 is coming up with a different look rather than the nominal nokia N series.There is a pair of standard softkeys, while the call and end keys are located on the edge.Taking up much of the front panel is the display, a 2.4inch 240x320 pixels. A secondary low-resolution video-calling camera is placed above the screen,which gives it a cool look. N82 has a different and stylish look in overall. Its comparitively large in size, but its pretty good to handle.It also has the new technology implemented into it, the automatic screen rotation using a motion sensor.Its full of options and features. Its made on the symbian s60 series platform. This technology enables the switching of the display orientation from portrait to landscape and vice versa depending on how the handset is held.It comes up with almost all the basic software support. N82 is totally a best suitable phone for a high end user. Because its a fully loaded smart phone.

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