Sony Ericsson C510 Cyber-shot has a good range of features and is available in a very less price.It comes with good all-round camera phone which has innovative features such as face-detection technology and Smile Shutter.The camera comes with 3.2 mp and is behind the phone with a slider.This slider is to be opened when taking images which is similar to digital cameras. Smart feature of the phone is smile-detection mode. User can use this mode for capturing a smiley subject as untill the subject smiles the image is not captured. Smart phone features and GPS facility is not available. But Googlemaps can be used, which is simply great feature to be obtained in a phone of less cost. Battery storage is comparitively great but is dependent on network conditions. The best features include camera that gives high quality images and social networking facilty. Suitable for basic needs and budget price preferred people.

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