What is Samsung bada? Samsung bada is recently all over the news with the release of Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S phones. While Samsung has advertised about its future beyond status with these phones, it is necessary to understand whether they are truly future beyond. One thing is certain; bada has been accepted by customers. It has become obvious through the latest news that Samsung sold 1 million Samsung Wave mobiles in just one month of its release.

What makes bada special?          

                   Right now the mobile OS industry is really competitive. There are many OS like symbian, windows mobile, iOS, etc. But why did Samsung introduce bada into this nearly saturated market? Samsung says that the bada aims at “Smart phone for everyone”. That means bada indents to sell cheaper smart phones than its competitors. Now this can make a lot of questions about the quality of phone. If the phone has a lot of features, will its quality be compromised due to the reduced price? No. Samsung has already proved this by providing Samsung Wave. It is really future beyond thinking.

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