Samsung GALAXY Y, where Y stands for YOUNG. This mobile is majorly launched earlier in 2011 targeting the youth as an entry level android based smart phone. This mobile is power packed with richer TOUCH WIZ UI, exciting apps, faster downloads, wifi, HSPA upto 7.2MBPS with stunning stylish looks with the screen of 3.0 inches.

It is mainly packed with 3 ultra packs which are 


With the ultra 832MHZ broadcom processor and the 128MB GPU, this mobile became the fast and the best smart phone for the entry level users.


With the smartest features available zipped in this mini sized power pack, it became the best but also the easiest to use with the ultra ease UI.


With the user interface that is provided by the samsung TOUCH WIZ, the features look ultra sophesticated and ultra cool and much more....


All i want to say is, GALAXY Y rocks, but only as a entry level android based smart phone.


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