Apple has recently launched their latest model of the iPhone which they call iPhone 5 and it already became fastest selling smart phone as per sources. People were waiting for their new launch since long, and finally they are having the new iPhone. For me, even I am big fan of iPhone but still I think there are many things missing in it in compare of other latest smart phone. I have noticed that it is still not that good especially with Indian users because of few reasons. Let’s talk about them.


Sim Card: At first, they have come up with micro card for iPhone 4 series. Well, I know many friends who faced so many problems because of this change of size in the sim. Because of the sim they had cut their current sim (as normal sim can’t be fit after iPhone 3gs series), that’s okay and works fine, but when they tried to add same sim in another phone (which required normal sim) they faced many problems because of that. My one of friend’s phone’s sim slot got damage due to same. So in India we are still having normal sim size in most of the phones. And in iPhone 5 now we having nano size sim card which can create even more trouble to people who are using more phones.

No Memory Card Slot: Well, the new iPhone is still missing the memory card slot. Users still have to carry on with its internal memory. Well, iPhone is also available with good internal memory like 8/16/32/64 GB, but with big memory, price also gets big. And in India mostly people are used to choose low cost phone with big memory card so that they can put more and more data in their phone. So people can miss the memory card option in this new iPhone too.

Bluetooth File transfer: I don’t know about other countries, but in India almost all people used to send their mobile data in each other mobiles via Bluetooth. They always love to share their ringtones, photos and many more using Bluetooth. And sadly iPhone move forwards without this important feature. Yes, new iPhone is still missing this feature and people can’t send their data over Bluetooth. Bluetooth option is available but it is only available for connecting iphone with other devices like bluetooth headset and all that. So there is no file transfer option available over Bluetooth.

No Radio: In India people always used to hear radio music during their free time. And most convenient and portable radio is mobile itself. Almost all mobile brands are providing this important feature and here people are using this feature like charm. But iPhone users will surely miss this function on their mobile.

High Cost of Phone: Now this is quite important point for all people here. In India people are quite smart. They always used to purchase latest features technology in lowest cost. It not goes for all people but still many people thinks like this only. If we think like that, Apple is giving their iPhone in very high cost in compare of other smart phones with same features. So high costing is little drawback and can be cause in people for avoiding this phone.

Installing Music and Video is little complicated: Almost all smart phones having mass storage option and people can easily insert data like music and videos directly by copy pasting. But in iPhone this thing is little complicate. We need itune software for inserting this kind of data in iPhone. And as per many people itunes is surely not that easy to handle. And its automatic sync function deletes all the files every time you connect your iPhone in new system unless you know how to handle it properly. So it is being headache for iPhone users.

Well, I can’t figure out more than these. Even I have stated these much drawbacks of iPhone, I am still big fan of it. Well, if someone knows how to handle iphone properly then it is the best mobile phone for him/her and they will never go for other mobile, otherwise better go for another one. But still I want few important changes I mentioned above. If those features can be implemented on iPhone it will be perfect. But as we know no one perfect in this world, so can’t expect more than this. But still I would love to see new and latest iPhone in upcoming future.

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