Ginger Court is a two storied very beautiful building to be seen. It is very much famous for its mouth watering food and excellent ambiance. It has a variety of inner zones present in it. They are; 
1. Bar Zone. 
2. No-Smoking Zone. 
3. Common Restaurant.

These zones were the main reason for the corporates visiting this restaurant.

Bar zone has a wide range of varieties to supply their customers. The No-Smoking zone is mainly for the family and kids coming to this restaurant. The common restaurant combines with the Smoking zone.

The top floor of this restaurant is a glass structure, which allows the food lovers enjoy the outside view along with the food. This restaurant provides a welcome soup and starters to serve their customers.

It is a very good experience to have food and ambiance at this restaurant. This restaurant would be very busy and rushful on weekends due to the families coming to this place to enjoy the food.

The weedays would also be very busy and full with the corporates enjoying their weekday buffets at this restaurant. This would be a very good place to get very good food with excellent deals on weekdays.


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