The prices of these items are very affordable which start from Rs.35 to higher prices depending on the type of the item. Some of the costly item like Burgers, pizzas and hot dogs also range between Rs. 40 to Rs.100. A veg burger can cost between Rs.35 to 42 and Non-Veg burger from Rs. 40 to 50. Similarly pizza cost starts from Rs.60 to maximum of Rs.80 depending on toppings. However, pizzas can not be compared with other professional pizza makers. The rest of the food items are prepared with good quality standards and in a hygienic environment. The Ice-creams of different flavors can be customized on user demand and a large-sized sundae like Black Forest Fantasy which is Rs. 54 is not to be missed. Customers can also buy fresh Brown sandwich breads and cookies of different varieties from the counter which displays it. Facilities such as self-service and parcel service are also available. Arrangements for small birthday parties which include 10 to 15 members can be done. However, extra cost is not charged for it and well-suitable for get-together’s of small batch of friends or colleagues. Ambience and customer service are good which makes people to visit often.

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