I love spending for others,but today I have a confession, I also love spending on myself.At some point when we stack up our wallets, we yearn to spend it in style. If you agree then you would understand what I mean when I want value for money on something I've been waiting for. Like a visit to the spa, or a new haircut, maybe a new outfit or just simply eating out. I actually love the last bit, but ever since I've worked in retail, I can't help but review the outlets I go and pay attention to the value I get for what I spent. Recently I was having those moments to enjoy and indulge into pampering ourselves by eating outside and what a blessing, my sister was ready to treat. The problem was it was a Sunday night ! The details are: Restaurant Name : Cafe Masala Address :   No. 60, 5th Floor, Eva Mall, Brigade Road , Bangalore Every good restaurant in town was over-flooded with customers and there was no place to go.We did a small research on the internet and came across a restaurant that served buffet on weekends. We thought we might just as well make a reservation, just in case.Thankfully, no reservation was required. But to our surprise, this place was subtle.With ample of parking space and situated in the middle of a shopping street, its a place no one can miss. Every Banglorean knows how Brigade road is. We entered at 9.30 in the evening and not to our surprise, we could see a lot of tables occupied. ( What do you expect when a buffet is served ?) Amazingly, it was not loud,nor over cluttered.Thankfully here there was no live band playing. It was peaceful and the staff was extremely hospitable.We did arrive late and yet the staff members were courteous. They have a live kitchen where you can view the activities going on.Seemed fair but I felt that  was  the only distraction I had.Not a big one though. The buffet was elaborate.The kebabs served weren't fancy, but the variety filled you up.Moreover what I like here was there was no clutter. The minute one course was over, the other would be served and the former things were cleared off. Also I like the personal attention,my mother accompanied us and she was given  due care .That's what impressed me. Another detail I liked was the servings put for customer.There was a moment when one dessert was over. It was immediately replaced instead of the standard " Oh, we're out of that item" attitude. It felt nice. If I was a restaurant reviewer, I'd give this restaurant  a decent rating. Considering the highest rating to be 5,I'd say : Ambiance : 3 Hospitality : 4 Food Quality :3.5 Menu : 3.5 Staff training :4 Cleanliness :4 Comments : Great place to go ,IF and IF you are in a mood to spend. Its not one of the cheapest place available but its definitely a restaurant worth experiencing. Overall a 3.5 out of 5.            

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