Berco's specializes in Chinese and Thai cuisine. An ideal place to enjoy with family and friends. Food is absolutely delicious; quantity is quite generous and priced very moderately when compared to other Chinese restaurants with similar standards. I and my family enjoy dining out and we make it a point to try out different eating joints. For Chinese cuisine, we have found Bercos to be one of the best. The ambience is warm and friendly, interiors are done up well keeping the Chinese theme in mind. Tables are tastefully laid with Chinese zodiacs printed on paper table mats with details of which year falls under which zodiac which grabs everyone’s interest. Service is excellent. I specially enjoy dining there on Sundays as they have a couple of singers playing the synthesizer and singing the beautiful old English, foot tapping numbers. It is not a big band but very refreshing. Chinese delicacies at Berco's are excellent…chicken fried wonton (appetizer), Mongolian chicken, Chicken Taichen style, Crispy fried fish in choice of sauce are few of my personal favorites. The noodles and rice are very delicately flavored in all vegetarian and non- vegetarian variations. Thai food in the restaurant is also good but does not really match up to the Chinese. For those with a sweet tooth and willing to indulge, there is a mouth watering list of lavish desserts with equally interesting names like ‘death by chocolate’ and ‘ebony and Ivory’. Ebony and Ivory is my favorite dessert which is a wedge of rich dark chocolate fudge cake relating to ebony and a scoop of vanilla ice cream relating to ivory. The desserts, though delicious, are slightly overpriced unlike their main course. Berco's has a bar attached to it . They have some interesting meal combos and also have a free home delivery system .They also undertake outdoor catering. They are a chain of restaurants located at various places in Delhi.

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