Here is a unique place to eat the best delicacies of Rajasthan in a totally Maharaja Style atmosphere with the entire king like styles and service in a manner that suits the ways of erstwhile kings of Rajasthan. The place is, known as NH8 in Indiranagar on the way to Delhi Mumbai highway that is incidentally national highway number-8, hence the name.

NH8 is, decorated with royal furniture and ceiling has a mated roof, the interiors are, designed with murals and have typical royal furnishing including furniture. Even the bearers serve the food wearing the traditional Rajasthan dresses including the turban and shoes. They play the traditional folk music in this place that was, played once in royal courts of Rajasthan. They also have a different group of traditional singers who sing folk songs with all the musical instruments and at the time of dinner. This is another specialty of this house of delicacies.

One feels completely like having his meals at a traditional Rajasthan restaurant with all the items in the menu reminding you of Rajasthan. The visitors of this restaurant love to have Dal bati churama and Ghatta a pure Rajasthan oriented dish along with Khamman, Dhoakala, Makhai Roti, Bhati and Khaichia. Weekdays and weekend dishes are different in variety and prices and attract more visitors.

There are different systems to serve one is unlimited food to every customer in a fixed price and another is dish wise price. People love to eat at Thali system that is a fixed price deal for adults and children with certain fixed menu but unlimited quantity

However, there is one thing for sure that you are going to love NH8 for its tasty food and unique style. This place is, not only visited for its delicacies but for its traditional reminder of the Rajasthan culture as well..

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