One of the COOLEST places to hang out in Delhi. This place is in its own words [BLOODY COOL]. The haunt for most school and college students along with young adults. The place is brimming with vibrancy. Colourful interiors, Great music, A wonderful outdoors Cafe and THE MENU!! The menu has witty wisecrack names for food that amuse and intrigue you. The food is good with a decent size of portions. You can get anything from American to Italian to Russian cuisine here. The place has definitely been designed keeping the young crowd in mind. There are gaming nights, Karaoke nights etc. The staff is young too and interactive. One can see the stewards engaging in Drinking and Birthday games with the guests. Having said that, The place is also responsible as Drinks and Hookah is served only with a valid Age ID. All in all, A great palce to hang-out with your friends if you are Delhi's Young and wild and free ;) Cost for two- Approx 800 (without taxes) Credit cards -Accepted Contact number -011 40765588, 011 41665588

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