Royal Jade is one of a kind Chinese restaurant located in Kolkata. It was established in the year 2010 and till now it is getting good reviews and the customer count is rising. The restaurant does not try to flaunt itself but can be eyed from the main road and is small in its built. It consists of two floors. The ground floor is for waiting and take away, and the 1st floor is the AC restaurant.

The very second you push the door to come inside, a sweet and tangy aroma welcomes you. There are 10 tables in total. The restaurant gives you a view of the landscape outside. It is a total smoking free zone and has a lively ambiance.


Royal Jade is located on the Rashbehari connector lane. It is just a few kilometers away from Siemens office. Landmarks are XCLUSIV car accessories shop and opposite H2O Pub.

Look and feel

The infrastructure is just okay. It does give you a feel of an authentic Chinese restaurant. Tables and chairs are very ordinary looking. The walls of the Royal Jade are painted with Chinese alphabets and religious symbols, just to give the feel of China.


The service is very good. We got our food just a few minutes after our order was placed. The staff and the manager were nice and welcomed each customer warmly. There was no clumsiness or anything wrong while serving food by the waiter.

Quality of food 

Royal jade is famous for its Chinese dishes and you can bet that. The dishes I had ordered were served fresh and hot. To have a fair account of the delicacies available there, I had a few friends along with me, and also took their views regarding the quality of food. When coming to new restaurants like Royal Jade, it is already known that you cannot compare it to the biggies in the same department, like Mainland China etc. But, still the food there, hit the right places on our tongue and made our empty tummies happy. I would like to recommend a few dishes which were excellent. If you ever go, do try out the Chicken drums of heaven in the starters. It was crispy, salty and sweet. Another one to try out is the American Choupsey, which is also excellent. Both quality and quantity were reasonable for the price they were offering.


According to me, Royal Jade is a nice place to go and dine. The service and food is satisfactory and the best thing is that, it does not fall heavy in your pocket. On special occasions there are some new delicacies also. The only backdrop of this restaurant is the parking area. It is very small and as because there are other restaurants near around it, it becomes a problem while taking out your car.

Keeping that aside, I rate Royal Jade 3and half stars out of five.

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