Ambience: Sigree has one of the best ambience with dark woods inside and beautiful ceiling work with perfect chandeliers makes them look amazing and sitting arrangement is perfect where you can see the kitchen from the wall made of glass. Service: Service is also pretty nice and fast which makes Sigree one of the best restaurants in Pune. The waiters are well trained and well behaved and they won't bother you again and again asking for more orders Cost: A dinner for two will cost you around 700-800 without alcohol or you can also opt for the Buffet which will cost around 650/- per head in case you are in a group and you want to have unlimited options for Veg and Non-Veg. Suggestions: As per my experience is not to go for Buffet as you won't be getting Dal sigree and Multani Chat in that. So if you are going specially for having the feel of Dal Sigree then opt for A la-Carte only.

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