Sri Udipi Sona Sweets is a fast food joint located in the commercial complex of Nehru place, New Delhi. This fast food joint caters to almost all the offices located in the complex and is open for the public too. The joint offers a seating arrangement as well but due to its popularity its hard to find even a single seat during the working hours. This food joint specializes in both north and south indian fast food such as Stuffed parathas, Lassi, Shahi paneer, Raajma, Pao bhaaji, Dosa, idli, Aalo tikki, Bhalla papri, Chana bhatura etc. Stuffed parathas served here are mind blowing. Paneer paratha, Gobhi paratha and Aaloo paratha are the popular parathas of this fast food joint. The size of the paratha served here is extraordinary. It is big, crispy and well stuffed. It is served with curd, pickle, butter and vegetable stew. A single paratha is good for two people and cost approx Rs 85/-. The joint gives a take away option too. Special Gokul Lassi is another speciality of this fast food joint. It is served chilled and is garnished with rabri, pista, raisins etc. Its thick consistency and sweetness makes it rich. A single portion of lassi costs Rs 50/-. Being the cooling agent it goes well with almost all the dishes such as parathas, chana bhaturas, samosas, pakoras, etc. Since it is high on calories I would recommend a good physical exertion after its consumption. Shahi Paneer with rice is also its speciality. It is a perfect meal for a single person. Its rich gravy and delicious paneer chunks makes mouth watery. On an average this combi meal is available for Rs 75-80. Last but not the least is our famous Indian desert, Gulab Jamun. It is served hot and its sweetness balances out the entire meal.

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