Wangs kitchen is an international branded restuarant with outlets in canada,india and dubai..This is their first venture in kerala.wangs offers a mixture of chinese techniques and aromatic indian flavours.As soon as you enter you find a cozy ambience with comfortable chairs and soothing music humming in the background..Low lightings nd lamps provide a different mood altogether..

Before you select the menu you are served with a bottle of mineral water and cabbage leaves soaked in a sauce which is quite delicious..The menu is quite vast..It includes starters,sizzler ,soups ,nonveg specialities,veg specialities,noodles,rice,chopsuey ,deserts and so on.For veg starters theres momos,chilly garlic potatoes,pepper mushrooms etc and for non veg -beef,prawn,chicken and fish items..The main course either theres the option of noodles or rice..Noodles vary mainly frm hakka noodles,ginger garlick noodles,mandarin noodles and so on and other than that theres beef in black pepper sauce,lamb and so on..Finish it off with a desert of your choice

Price is a bit on the upper side but still it is reasonably fixed for their ambience and the quality of food and their service

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