China town is not so reasonable restaurant. The price is little bit high as compared to the local restaurant. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned and well decorated. It has a proper arrangement of seats. Lots of people gathered in the restaurant in the evening. It is a beautiful place to enjoy dinner with the family. They also have free home delivery service.


In China Town one could enjoy the non veg dishes like prawn wafers, chicken spring roll, crab spring roll, egg fuyong, prawn chow, pepper chicken and lots of other non veg items. In veg one could enjoy the dishes like crispy golden potato, crispy golden baby corn, mixed crispy veg, paneer pakoda, finger chips etc.

Value for the money

The food served in the restaurant is quite high as compared to other restaurant. However, they never compromise with the quality. They served the best quality food to the guest. They took special care for the taste of the food. They try to satisfy their customer serving with delicious and tasty food. All food items mentioned in the menu card are available in the restaurant. They serve food very quickly. The quantity of food is much for one person to eat.


The restaurant is not so big in the area. It suffers from space crunch still it offers with the comfortable seating arrangement. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned. The restaurant offers with the dim lights, which are very charming.

End Note

Whenever you are out for the shopping to Gariahat and feel hungry after a long shopping just go to Nirala's China Town and experience the joy of food here. The restaurant served with piping hot and spicy food. The Chinese food lover will definitely like the restaurant.

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