Success is a positive outcome of an action whether it is with the work you do, goal you want to achieve etc.
  • Attempt Yoga for Back Agony Alleviation

    I've encountered soreness and solidness in my lower back for a considerable length of time. I've been to each sort of expert there is, yet am not fulfilled by the different findings I've gotten. The vast majority of the specialists simply needed to put me taking drugs and send me away, yet the

  • Being Alone does not mean Being Lonely

    Man Sitting Alone in ParkHave you ever felt lonely?

    Do you remember the emotions and feelings associated with it?

    Awful and depressing! Wasn’t

  • Britain elections

    It was an unexpected result favouring just one party where a coalition was thought to be on cards... What could possibly be the reasons. Also Narayana Murthy's son also won in some area by a big majority.

  • Communism - Is it a failed ideology ?

    Communism has not worked in most countries especially in developed countries. It is still hanging on in some developing and under developed countries . Typically communist countries have poor living conditions , no innovative ideas and pressure from all sides . You rarely get to see a happy

  • Cost benefit analysis of writers

    Is Article writing and spending time on forum and other activities on Boddunan calculatively profitable... Is it for young writers or retired and experienced professionals... What are the teenage and student benefits and does it account good enough for them to stay and prosper in this line of

  • Every thing is New & Interesting

    After searching lot of sites--> I think finally I came at right place-- to discuss our day to routine work with all the Valued Expert Member & get some good tips in future regarding how to success in online net marketing..cause I do it nowadays..

    I remember I have read somewhere

  • Failure to Convert Hindus is Christianity's biggest Failure in India

    The Christian faith is one that I studied a lot as I had my schooling in a missionary school. We had regular classes of 'Moral Science' which was an euphuism for teaching the gospel. Christianity lays great stress on preaching the gospel and missionaries spread out all over the world

  • Good bye to planning- welcome Neeti

    Is anything that not related to time meaningless. If so, the Neeti Ayyog replacing planning commission is devoid of any meaning. The planning commission was involved with fie year plans. The new Neeti Ayog seems to be unbrelated to time bound plan and execution. This is simply to formulate

  • Handle the competition with grace....

  • How to improve life by government initiatives

    Government have taken up initiatives like Jan Dhan Yojana, Swachh Bharat, Subsidies for green automobiles. What can we do to use them better and what can we start up new from our domestic front....

  • How to make life easier and simple

    There are many people who are in doldrums as to where they should head towards, what should they chose and how should they prosper. Parents may not be a guiding force in every family. So how to solve this problem. One suggestion i have got from my area is people got solutions by joining Yuva


    Many of the candidates asked about what to choose from "SSC CGL or IBPS PO"confounded

    Work Profile

    SSC CGL:

    • Carry out
  • Ideas to grow and make user friendly site

    In order to improve the site i think we can have a recorder of voice like in google search so that we can write down articles fastly by just speech. If there are any software professional he can do it i guess. And he can be paid for the service as per the terms. Any other ideas to improve the

  • Inner Strength Is the Key To Success

    Role of Inner Strength in our Life

    The inner strength should be the most important part of every human being since no one can do a thing properly without the power of strength within him. One cannot move forward or come out of

  • Mayweather win right....?

    Mayweather won the bout with relative ease as he predicted for himself, but later on pacquiao said he was punched in the hand where he was having pain. Is it a real victory as just a rematch is on the cards as the uk news channel suggests in the year 2016..

  • Never quit , keep moving.

    There are times when you just want to quit.No extra mile would be bearable even if the milestone carries a lot of laurels. But i think its our inner self which wants to stop. The End.

    But stop  for a while and recall all the happiness you thought would soon become a part of your success

  • Old warhorses are rising in Ipl

    Harbhajan Singh, Ashish Nehra, Zaheer Khan who seem to have completely lost their place in the playing eleven are hitting their old form and making their ominous form felt in the Ipl for a comeback in the side. Such a surprise and great feeling that even at this age they are competing to come

  • Panipat is a Hallowed Battleground

    Panipat is a small sleepy town about a 120 km from Delhi, the capital of India. Its historical importance is however very great, as it was the scene of 3 great battles that decided the crown of Hindustan.  A visit to the place shows no remnants of those battles, but one can close ones eyes

  • Quality time in Boddunan

    How to spend quality time in Boddunan, while earning points on end and gaining good knowledge and action plan for domestic success in their respective homes?

  • Raising the Bar

    Law - people say its all about "society".

    But how it works? what its rules are? how each and everyone is involved?

    Who knows all that stuff and the point is who cares enough to know?

    But who made the laws about failures? As for me failure is a stepping