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    I am a new writer here. What you can advice me based on your experience at



  • Here I am talking to moderator Kalyani Nandurkar, there is one of my article showing status that it is edited by you; but not moderated till now, since 2016-02-09. I just want to ask, for how long it will remain in pending state; when it will get moderated?

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  • What are the differences between generalized and specialized acquisition of knowledge for writing? Is selecting a particular niche for writing important for writing or we can write about any topic that we like? What are your views regarding this?

  • One of the biggest challenges faced by content writers is idea generation. How to come up with content ideas? What are sources for content ideas? 

  • I read so many articles right now and I mean truly I read as much as possible. I am very impressed by everyone on who has written articles. They are really knowledgeable and interesting. I wanted to compliment all of you here so I decided to start a topic. Thank you everyone and I

  • If the admin is publishing the article then he should atleast justify it by giving a minimum amount of rs.15 atleast. He is crediting rs 5,8 as we are wasting our time over here. The admin should think atleast on this. 

  • I feel very comfortable to write on word and paste my articles here. That is how I do on all the sites I work on, including mine.

    Word helps us check grammar, spelling , gives us a better diction ect.

    I also find the text size very small and it makes it difficult for me to proof

  • Would you be comfortable writing in any other language?  Do you think that you would be able to express yourself better in another language? 

    Personally I am more comfortable writing in English. I love the language and use every opportunity to better my writing