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    I am a new writer here. What you can advice me based on your experience at



  • Article still in pending state, since 9 Feb, 2016

    Here I am talking to moderator Kalyani Nandurkar, there is one of my article showing status that it is edited by you; but not moderated till now, since 2016-02-09. I just want to ask, for how long it will remain in pending state; when it will get moderated?

    Title of article

  • Difference between Generalized and Specialized Acquisition of Knowledge for writing

    What are the differences between generalized and specialized acquisition of knowledge for writing? Is selecting a particular niche for writing important for writing or we can write about any topic that we like? What are your views regarding this?

  • How and where should I submit my articles?

    Hello, I have recently joined the website and have confirmed and got my login info.

  • How to come up with content ideas?

    One of the biggest challenges faced by content writers is idea generation. How to come up with content ideas? What are sources for content ideas? 

  • Impressive articles here

    I read so many articles right now and I mean truly I read as much as possible. I am very impressed by everyone on who has written articles. They are really knowledgeable and interesting. I wanted to compliment all of you here so I decided to start a topic. Thank you everyone and I

  • Love Proposal

    If you love someone , go for it . what are you afraid of ? Rejection? Are you sure you will get rejected ? Why not give it a try? Even if you got rejected ,you will atleast have mental peace that you atleast confessed.You will learn a lesson from it . Sitting at a place and doing nothing .

  • Minimum amount for article should be rs.15

    If the admin is publishing the article then he should atleast justify it by giving a minimum amount of rs.15 atleast. He is crediting rs 5,8 as we are wasting our time over here. The admin should think atleast on this. 

  • Programming - A Recap of Frontend Development in 2019

    2019 was the time of TypeScript. Not just has TypeScript become the defector decision for adding information types to JS code, numerous designers are regularly choosing for use it over vanilla JavaScript for both individual undertakings and at work. 


    In the Stack

  • Significance of Sanskrit Language

  • The More, The Merrier



  • The Most Efficacious Ways To Conserve Wildlife

    Top 10 Amazon Original Series that Will Pin You to the Seat

    Have you ever come across some fantastic series that blow up your mind from a spectacular angle?

  • What are NFTs and how to benefit from them?

    The onset of cryptocurrency and the digitization of money has brought a massive revolution worldwide. The decentralization of things made the buyer and seller communicate with each other directly without the involvement of any third-party applications, in order to avoid the payment of

  • Why is copy paste from word not accepted here?

    I feel very comfortable to write on word and paste my articles here. That is how I do on all the sites I work on, including mine.

    Word helps us check grammar, spelling , gives us a better diction ect.

    I also find the text size very small and it makes it difficult for me to proof

  • Writing in other languages

    Would you be comfortable writing in any other language?  Do you think that you would be able to express yourself better in another language? 

    Personally I am more comfortable writing in English. I love the language and use every opportunity to better my writing