• Fiction Behind Divorce


    Fiction Behind Divorce

    There are so many causes for divorce between husband and wife, but there is a fiction of natural law working behind of any cause may rare people known about it. Husband or husband’s’ relatives and wife or wife’s relatives

  • Google and the Dicing of Everything

    Google is beneficial, fun and good for everyone. It has many services. Search is prominent one but it is not the only service from Google. It is a delightful experience that Google provides so much for free! Google provides users with a variety of tools to recreate own search engine. Google’s

  • Hair

     Hair Fall-

    1) Mix few drops of Vitamin E oil with coconut oil.Heat this oil mixture in low flame.Apply this warm oil over your scalp and hair.Massage with your palm and finger tips well for 15 to 20 minutes.This strengthens the weak hair and stops hair fall.

    2) Before bath

  • How I can post an article on this website?

    Hello Boddunan Team,

    I want to submit article at this website. But I am unable to post an article on this website. When I click submit button then I get an error message "empty solution not allowed". What to do? How I can post an article on this website? Please, help me providing

  • How much Boddunan pays?

    How much Boddunan pays for submitting 1 article? and what should be the standard and length of each article? How much Boddunan pays

  • How To Change Your Money Making Mindset.

  • How to clean glass items in kitchen

    Separate the glass items in 2 categories, one of the items which are very delicate and the second with the strong items.  Try to clean them with your hands very carefully. If you clean them with soapy water, then there may be a chance of slipping them from your hand. So it’s better to use

  • How to make money in

    How to make money in and how much we can get for 100 articles in this website?

  • How to start earning in early teenage

    Teenagers likes  to spend money to fulfill their desires and their needs on buying smartphones, sports bike going for trips with friends or saving for further studies. 

    But for that first they need to work and earn money. But unfortunately most of them actually starts earning

  • How to use your Credit Card safely

    Using your Credit Card safely

  • Impressive articles here

    I read so many articles right now and I mean truly I read as much as possible. I am very impressed by everyone on who has written articles. They are really knowledgeable and interesting. I wanted to compliment all of you here so I decided to start a topic. Thank you everyone and I

  • Is 'Article' section still alive?

    It's been a while since I came here at I saw the app and it is really good. I signed up on Boddunan years ago to submit articles and earn some pocket money for myself. But I've always felt that the articles were not getting enough exposure on Boddunan. Anyway, I just checked out

  • Is Protein Bad For You ??


    • P.Butter
  • Just submitted a article

    I just submitted article, today on 9-2-2016, on 3:14 PM. I just want to know, will it be moderated; in time frame of 3 days or long. Because last time, I submitted a article on 14-1-2016 and it got moderated, on 29-1-2016. So, just want to know, will this happen; this time too?


  • Justice does not retire

    Far from the trajectory of belief yet next to reality is the visit of the messenger bird perching on the guava trees of my garden having entwined itself to my window screens.The bird appeared funny having hung a clock around the neck , drew nearer me and whispered "cuckoo, clock around the neck

  • ohhh god how to write article in this app

    Struggling more than 1hrs but cannot found how to write article in this app .

    Aree some one safe me or explain me how to use thing . I mean kisne bnnaya yeh app atleast write an article k option dena tha fucking stupid person cn someone help or i am useless here.


    I was woken up from our deep slumber around 3.30 am by the waiter of the hotel. He instructed me to be ready by 4.00 am. I did as I was advised. It was very dark and the air was cold, crisp and chilly. However, there were many vehicles leaving for the Tiger Hills. I was also going there to

  • Payment details on boddunan

    Where am I supposed to filly payment detail, and also can you please make this site more easy to navigate. I am not able to edit my profile as it shows some error, but doesn't tell me what the error actually is

  • Preface to Shakespeare by Samuel Johnson

    Preface to Shakespeare:

    It is regarded as the master piece of Johnson's literary criticism. It holds a mirror to Johnson gifts of individuality of style reflecting his ingenuity, common sense, discernment and extensive language and literature.

    Shakespeare's Merits:

    As a

  • Private Detectives

                      Private Detectives

    Most of us are familiar with the profession ‘Private Detective’ but not everyone knows how they actually operate or how to pursue this


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