• Just submitted a article

    I just submitted article, today on 9-2-2016, on 3:14 PM. I just want to know, will it be moderated; in time frame of 3 days or long. Because last time, I submitted a article on 14-1-2016 and it got moderated, on 29-1-2016. So, just want to know, will this happen; this time too?


  • Justice does not retire

    Far from the trajectory of belief yet next to reality is the visit of the messenger bird perching on the guava trees of my garden having entwined itself to my window screens.The bird appeared funny having hung a clock around the neck , drew nearer me and whispered "cuckoo, clock around the neck


    I was woken up from our deep slumber around 3.30 am by the waiter of the hotel. He instructed me to be ready by 4.00 am. I did as I was advised. It was very dark and the air was cold, crisp and chilly. However, there were many vehicles leaving for the Tiger Hills. I was also going there to

  • Preface to Shakespeare by Samuel Johnson

    Preface to Shakespeare:

    It is regarded as the master piece of Johnson's literary criticism. It holds a mirror to Johnson gifts of individuality of style reflecting his ingenuity, common sense, discernment and extensive language and literature.

    Shakespeare's Merits:

    As a

  • Should keyword frequencies in blogs to be published on websites really need to be limited?

    Keyword frequency restrictions are put forth by publishing sites quoting that, excessive use of keywords means articles are written for search engines and not for readers. But, how can a writer reduce the frequency of keyword "water" when he is writing an article on "water pollution"?


    Does Success ride on the back of Uncertainty ? There is no definite answer for this - May be or May not. Then what is Success. It can be answered in many different ways, all answers are co-related to the context. So no point in giving any definition of Success. Just highlight how Success and

  • The Most Efficacious Ways To Conserve Wildlife

    unable to submit article

    Hi All,

    I'm a newbie to this forum. I tried submitting an article. However i get a message - article successfully saved. I don't get to see any message that it is submitted. What could be wrong..