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  • Fate of Boddunan

    Hi, after my recovery here, i found some things happened anonymously. Many sections are not active as before. Article submission,revenue sharing are some prominent work area of our site. But everything stopped here. Why it happened here? Why admin not taking any step towards this?  leading

  • How long it takes for payment to reach you?

    I got a mail to send the details about my bank account so that the payment can be send. It has been more than two weeks now and nothing is reflected in my bank account. My dashboard status shows paid by check. I have not received any so far. No message was sent.  after that. I sent my

  • How much early payment can be requested?

    I read in FAQ page of Boddunan, "If you are an active member on forums you may request early payment as well."

    Can you explain it in detail; how much active a member need to

  • How to unsubscribe answers given by other members in Q&A answers?

    It's a big headache now. Whenever someone posts a new question or a new answer in Q&A section, I get a notification in my gmail account. I just want a notification only if someone answers to my questions , but not to all answers answered in the section. How is it possible? Is there any

  • Importance of Mental Health during COVID-19.

    One‟s mental health is crucial to ones overall well-being. This component of your health affects your ability to function intellectually, emotionally, and socially, among other things.

    Given how crucial your mental health is in every element of your life, it's critical to protect and

  • Importance Of Solar Energy

    India is a fast-growing

  • Is 'Article' section still alive?

    It's been a while since I came here at I saw the app and it is really good. I signed up on Boddunan years ago to submit articles and earn some pocket money for myself. But I've always felt that the articles were not getting enough exposure on Boddunan. Anyway, I just checked out

  • Is boddunan still paying?

    I am an old member of boddunan and left the site when it discontinued paying. I am here after 4 years  My question is if the site is still paying or not  



    The year 2020 was the year that we lost to fear of death, fear of starvation, fear of loneliness and the list goes on, the globe was dealing

  • Lossing Points while liking an answer in Q&A answer section

    I would like to give a thumps up if I like a response in Q&A section for my questions. By this way, I am promoting quality posts by encouraging users. Also, a user can post only one answer per question. But now, I am not sure if it's a technical glitch, or newly added provision, I loss

  • Member of the Week

    When does the Member of the week start and end. Is it the normal Monday to Sunday or any other week.

  • Member of the week distinctions

    What is the level 1 & level 2 leaders in member of the week? How is it awarded?

  • Minimum Votes for voter of the day

    Is there any minimum number of votes to be casted in Polls section to get the Top voter of the Day award as I have voted 5 to 6 votes for 2 days but it has not been recognised yet. Is it because the earnings page updation is slow which is why it is taking time to reflect?

  • negative impacts

    what are the negative impacts of lockdown 

  • New Member - Aspiring Writer

    Hi Friends, 

    Hope you are doing well. 

    My Name is Rashmi. A new aspiring writer. I am here to share my writings and hope you all will like and guide me whenever I need your help. Thanks Boddunan to allow me brighten my inner sparks through my

  • Our earning page at Boddunan

    I do not check our earning page so frequently but when I visited my dashboard I saw that my earning point has not changed in few weeks now. SO when I checked the earning page I realized that it has not been updated in lase few weeks. The last voter of the day award is for 22nd Nov. I posted a

  • Payment details on boddunan

    Where am I supposed to filly payment detail, and also can you please make this site more easy to navigate. I am not able to edit my profile as it shows some error, but doesn't tell me what the error actually is

  • Periods and mood swings

    PERIODS aka that phase of month.So as we all know when girls hit their puberty they start their monthly menstrual cycle.It may last for 4-5 days depending on individual.The mood swings,ohh God.!!! Whenever I have my periods,i

  • Please clear my doubt

    Friends, Some one has created a thread on making words by adding letters. One of my friend has created a thread few minutes before, "By removing letters we can make words". But our moderator Sunil sir has closed the thread saying we should discuss on public

  • Poll Categories not according to question?

    I am answering polls daily almost & I have observed that the Poll question is not in line with the category assigned to it, isn't it good to have some check on this to assign the right category, that will give the members a genuine experience of a professional website, like many of the


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