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  • Government job attribute over private job.

    Government job is the most liked job for many youngster because it has some good attribute for which it became the desirable job for many of us. Like in our family our elders or papa's says with proud when they sat in any meeting or any where like "Hamara ladka govt job m h" right friends....

  • Human Resource Management In Nursing Administration And Medical

    An Industrial Revolution of 1950, has brought about specialization and growth in the size of the organizations, awakening in labour, resulting in the formation of various labour organizations and federation. Cultural and social changes are now very fast due to the changes in the educational

  • Human Resource Utilisation- More About HRM


    Human resource utilization cannot be put in a formula of output versus input as the individual highly complex and interpersonal relationship still more complex besides the group dynamics and organizational ideology. Therefore, the need of the time and the challenge before the manager

  • Is joining politics a good career option

    One of my younger cousins with brilliant academic credentials and having great career prospect joined politics recently as the spokesperson of a prominent political party .This got me thinking whether politics has become an attractive career option for the younger generations and more

  • Your career is important- Think seriously before changing your job

    Problems professionals face during initial stages of their career

    People feel excited at the beginning of their professional career and feel right on clod seven. They wish to achieve